Other Industries

Pcubed has a wealth of experience gained over 15 years operating in the global market place and spanning many industry sectors including; Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare; Major Events; Aerospace and Defense; Chemicals; Professional Services; Retail & Consumer Goods. What all these industries have in common is the need for a dedicated program management firm to ensure the delivery of their most complex and critical projects and programs. Below is a snapshot of some of the clients that Pcubed has served across these industries.

Pcubed have solid foundations in the Major Event sector with clients including the London Olympic Delivery Authority, the 2006 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee and the 2004 Athens Olympic Organizing Committee. With the London Olympic Delivery Authority for the 2012 Games we have worked to set up organizational structure, put in place effective program management offices, worked with national treasury departments to develop funding processes and written business cases for the successful investment of over £5bn of funds to date including projects such as the Olympic Stadium and other venues.

Pcubed has worked with leading pharmaceutical companies working on portfolio selection programs, through to drug development and launch programs. Pcubed optimize operational processes and connect internal tools to enhance communication to improve enterprise performance.

Since 2002 Pcubed has worked with the International Space Station Agency to develop the strategy for operations in Europe, develop effective change control and put in place one of the largest aerospace end-to-end service contracts in Europe. Through our set of tools and methods distilled from major complex programs, Pcubed can rapidly reduce the cost and risk associated with your critical programs.